Make a Tribute Gift

Gift the gift of life and honor a special someone or pet by making a donation in their name. Graduation, birthdays, Mother or Father’s Day, or any holiday are wonderful occasions to give an honor/memory gift. This is such a special way to give a tribute to a pet or person who made a difference in your life. A special note will be sent to the person you are honoring.

Donating to GHS in honor or memory of a loved one or friend is a beautiful tribute, a testament to the enduring impact they’ve had on your life. It’s a gesture that echoes their compassion and kindness, extending their legacy to help those who cannot speak for themselves. With each contribution, you’re not only honoring their memory but also spreading love and support to animals in need, embodying the spirit of empathy that they cherished. In this act of generosity, their light continues to shine brightly, illuminating the lives of countless furry companions and touching hearts with the enduring power of love.

Sponsor a Pet in Honor or Memory of someone!

All of the animal that come through our doors are searching for a loving forever home. Consider sponsoring an adoption in Honor or Memory of a loved one or friend!

Click on the links below to see our available cats and dogs. Choose the animal you would like to sponsor and note it on your donation. If you do not have a preference, we can pick one for you.