Did you know that the Greenbrier Humane Society helps provide cat and dog food to five local food pantries?
Our mission is to help families who may struggle to afford cat or dog food and to help those who are on the fence of surrendering their animal due to financial struggles.
We aim to ease these families mind by helping provide a meal or two for their beloved pets and help them keep a loving and safe home.
Any food donations that we receive from our community goes back into helping our community!
We measure out gallon and quart sized proportions of cat or dog food so that the pantries can hand them out to the families that need or request them.
Supplying these pantries with food relies on the food donations we receive. If you want to continue to help us provide cat and dog food to these families, please donate Adult Dry Dog, Adult Dry Cat, and Adult Dry Dog small bites. We are also in need of Quart and Gallon sized Ziplock Freezer Bags to separate the food.
We supply to these pantries listed…
Old Stone Presbyterian in Lewisburg
Clifford Community and Recreation Center in Ronceverte
Alderson Presbyterian in Alderson
Rainelle First Baptist in Rainelle
Hermon United Methodist in Renick
If you would like more information regarding the times that they are serving, please feel free to message us privately and we will provide you the information.
If you are using the food donated for the food pantries, then what are the animals in the facility eating? All of our animals in the facility eat Hills Science Diet. We have partnered with Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love program. If you have adopted a cat or dog from us you may have noticed the “adoption packs” that we provide at the time of adoption that informs the family about the food we feed here at GHS.