Responsible Pet Rehoming Program

“Greenbrier Humane Society is proud to announce our Responsible Pet Rehoming Program!

We understand making the decision to rehome your beloved pet is difficult and we are here to offer any guidance and support to help you through the process of responsible pet rehoming.

This program will be available to the residents of our local community who have a dog or cat in their household who needs a new forever home, but they wish to have more control of where their pet will begin to call home.

These services are designed to assist pet owners who are no longer able to care for their pets due to various reasons such as: moving, financial difficulties, health issues, and more.

This program will allow GHS to post these animals to our social media platforms to help aid in finding a new home. There will be a specific photo album for those dogs and cats to be posted where people can view them at any time. Those who wish to rehome their pets through this program will need to provide a bio including temperament, special traits, and name/contact info so that potential adopters can reach you about the animal. Once the pet has been rehomed, we ask that you update GHS on the outcome so we can keep our album up to date.

GHS does not bear witness to the temperament of the animal (i.e., good with dogs, cats, kids, etc.) or the health conditions of these animals. We also cannot guarantee how they will adjust in a new home environment. This program is strictly to help the public in rehoming these animals without the need to bring them to our facility.”