Doggy Day Out

Are you not able to adopt right now, but still want to spend some one-on-one time with our amazing shelter pets?

Just a reminder that we have a few ways that you can make a difference in the lives of the dogs in our care:

Have you considered a Doggy Day Out? Take a dog out for a day of fun! Go for a hike on the river trail, enjoy a pup cup, or just nap on your couch! We’ll supply all the gear that the dog may need, and you hook them up with lots of love and attention! These types of field trips help shelter animals manage kennel stress, burn off some energy and get more exposure to potential adopters! As long as you have already completed our volunteer agreement, you just need to show your ID and give us a phone number.

Let’s have a slumber pawty! Keep a dog for one night to give them a break from the noisy kennels. They sleep so well and get some much-needed relaxation. We provide the supplies; you provide the couch…and no judgement if they snore! Again, all we need is a completed volunteer agreement, your ID and a phone number.

All we ask is that you provide pictures and videos and tell us how they did! That information will go a long way to getting these sweet babies into their forever homes! And you never know…you may help them meet their forever family while they are on their adventure!