Sometimes all an animal needs is a little time out of their kennel to open up and show their true, wonderful colors. That’s why we’ve created a foster program for people who want to give these animals a break from the shelter life.
For a maximum of 2 weeks, you can choose a friend to take home with you (foster fails are completely fine and highly encouraged). We ask that you take pictures and videos of them in your home so we can learn more about their personality and get them adopted out as fast as possible!
Call us for more info at 304-645-4775!


For our animals not currently available for adoption because they are awaiting their spay/neuter surgery, they are eligible for our Foster-to-Adopt program.

If you fall in love with one of our unavailable residents and just can’t imagine leaving without them, this program is for you. If the animal has been vetted in by our Animal Care Team, you can bring your new family member home to wait for their surgery date.

When they are of-weight to be altered, they MUST come back to our facility for their surgery and adoption paperwork can be filled out once surgery is completed.