Greenbrier County Animal Control

There is only one Animal Control Officer employed by Greenbrier County. His office is located inside the Greenbrier County Courthouse on Court Street in Downtown Lewisburg. They do not have anyone in their office to answer the phone, so you will have to leave a detailed message if you call their main line (304) 645-9080.

If you need immediate assistance, you may call Sheriff’s Department Dispatch at (304) 647-7911 and tell them you need Animal Control dispatched.

Any animals picked up by Animal Control are brought to the Greenbrier Humane Society unless they need immediate medical assistance. If your animal was picked up by Animal Control, you will need to speak with them first before you redeem him/her from the animal shelter. After you speak with Animal Control, Greenbrier Humane Society requires current rabies vaccine and county dog tag certificates to redeem owned animals.