Here are some tips for adopting a pet:
  • Be patient: When you first bring your new pet home, give them space to explore.
  • Consider your lifestyle: Make sure your pet’s energy level matches yours.
  • Consider family dynamics: If you have children, ensure your new pet is child-friendly. If you already have pets, make sure they can get along with the new pet.
  • Meet your new pet: Trust your judgment on whether the pet’s personality is a good match for you and any other family members or pets.
  • Pet-proof your home: This ensures that your pet has a safe environment.
  • Consider more than one pet: Having more than one pet can give the animal a constant companion. However, some pets don’t always take kindly to having competition in the home.
  • Apply: The adoption application is a necessary step to being matched with the right animal.
  • Check rescue sites daily: Check the shelters daily until your pet is found. 
Other things to consider when choosing a new pet include:
  • Energy level
  • Size when fully grown
  • Relating to other animals and children
  • Noise level of the pet
  • Ensuring everyone knows who is responsible for the care of your pet